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This is how Milton S. Hershey, started and ended his spectacular career. Milton S. Hershey got into chocolate at the age of 16. He became an apprentice to a German Newspaper printer. Milton was very clumsy and hated work, but did it any way.In 1876, Milton moved to Philedelphia, and got a large sum of money from Uncle Abe. Milton used the money and printed business cards for advertisement. Milton kept on failing time and again to pay off his debts, but was determined and persistent to get a job and pay the debts off. Milton roamed from place to place searching for jobs. Milton learned from a sweet maker, that milk makes perfect chocolate. In 1886 Milton S. Hershey went to Lancaster penniless. He begged banks to give him loans. Lebbie Lebkicker gave Milton a loan that helped Milton make the best caramels in the world. The caramels got shipped to England, after an English man visited Milton. Later Milton lost all his money and went to the same bank and begged for another loan. Milton received a $1,000 check. Milton repaid the load to the bank with pride, and from then on the Lancaster Carmel Company was successful. In 1894 the company made a Million dollars!!! In August 1900 Milton sold the Caramel company for a Million Dollars!!! The town was a center for chocolate. Milton made attractions such as Amusement parks. It was his town now. Milton made the factory which today produces the best chocolate, Hershey chocolates. The first hit chocolate was the Kisses. During this time, Milton invested in a sugar company and lost $2,500 in sugar. Today the Hershey Factory is the biggest chocolate factory in the world.