Milton S. Hershey:Chocolate Magnate

Milton S. Hershey Overview

    Milton S. Hershey was one of the greatest chocolate makers in the United States. The Hershey Company has the biggest chocolate factory in the United States. Milton S. Hershey Born into a poor family, loved chocolate as a child. Milton saved all his money for chocolate. In the teenage years of Milton's life he got into chocolate. In his adult hood he had many failures and finally succeeded. Milton sold Lancaster Caramels [see Business] for a million dollars, with the money he built the Hershey Factories. Henry Hershey, Milton's dad was very proud of his son's success, but died before he could see the completed Hershey Factory. From the time the Hershey Factory was built till his death, Milton S. Hershey spread the sale of his chocolates around the world.

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